Australia reopens to all visa holders as of 21 February 2022

After the World Health Organisation declared the COVID outbreak a pandemic in March 2020, Australia closed its borders. After a long wait, the Australian government finally began to reopen the country in phases in November 2021. Now, as of 21 February, international tourists are welcome in Australia again.

All fully vaccinated visa holders welcome again

As of 21 February, fully vaccinated visa holders within all categories are welcome again. This means that tourists, international business travellers and other visitors are now welcome again.

What if you are not fully vaccinated

Applicants who want to come to Australia, but are not fully vaccinated, must apply for a travel exemption in advance. This application will be assessed by a case officer. They will determine to what extent the visit is necessary and whether the travel exemption can be granted. If it is decided that travel to Australia is allowed, (hotel) quarantine in the states and territories is mandatory.

How to proceed

Would you like to travel to Australia? Then first of all you need a visa. If you have not yet applied for a visa, it is important to do so as soon as possible. You also need to determine whether you need a Travel Exemption.

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