Increase of maximum age Australian Working Holiday for Canadian and Irish citizens

Maximum age Working Holiday visa Australia
increased to 35 years of age

From 1 November 2018, the maximum age of 30 years has been increased for Canadian and Irish citizens. From now on Canadian and Irish citizens will be eligible to apply for a Working Holiday visa up to and including 35 years of age. This is an increase of the current maximum age of 30 years. For all other eligible countries, the maximum age remains 30 years.

What is a Working Holiday visa

A Working Holiday visa offers young people an option to go to Australia for a holiday and work. This visa lets you stay in Australia for up to twelve months and encourages cultural exchange and closer ties between Australia and eligible countries.

What lets this visa you do

As stated, this visa allows you to stay in Australia for up to twelve months. During this period you are eligible to work. In most cases, you are allowed to work with an employer for up to six months. Thereby, you can study up to four months.

This visa offers you a unique chance to explore the country and it’s labour.

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