Working Holiday visa Australia

Working Holiday visa Australia
For people between 18 and 31 years

Down Under for an unforgettable adventure? Go backpacking in Australia!

People between 18 and 31 years of age are able to stay in Australia for a period of twelve months on a Working Holiday visa. Not only can you travel through Australia entirely, but you are also allowed to have paid work. One condition applies: you cannot work for one employer for more than six months if you don’t have the permission from Immigration Australia. Furthermore, you can study up to four months.

Besides the chance to get to know the country, this visa also offers you the chance to discover your options within Australia’s labour.

We can apply for this visa up to your 31st birthday. Provided that you weren’t granted this visa before or if you can satisfy the requirements for a second year.

Important note:
From 1 November 2018, Canadian citizens up to and including 35 years of age will be eligible to apply for a Working Holiday visa. This is an increase of the maximum age of 30 years, which remains the maximum age for all other countries.

Second-year Working Holiday visa

There is a possibility to apply for a second year – working holiday visa for Australia. Herefore specific requirements apply. You must among others prove that you have worked in Australia for at least 88 days. Work must have been paid, and it must be specified work fulfilled in a regional area of Australia.

For this second year Working Holiday visa, the age limit also applies. The limit is set to 31 years of age, just like the first Working Holiday visa.