Job offer in Australia

The Employer Sponsored visa
For people with a job offer in Australia

Especially for people with a job offer in Australia, the ‘Employer-Sponsored’ category is designed. This visa category is also for whom will be deployed to Australia by their current employer. Within this visa category distinction is made between temporary and permanent residence in Australia.  Therefore this category is divided into sub-categories.

Employer-sponsored visa

Not only you as the candidate (applicant), but the Australian employer as well must satisfy several requirements. Both parties must undergo an assessment procedure. The company and the job offer in Australia will be assessed. Subsequently, the candidate’s profile will be assessed. It is important in all cases that you have an added value to the Australian organisation in comparison with an Australian employee.

As with the Skilled Worker visa, the occupations list does apply to this visa category too. It is essential to have a job listed on the occupations list.

Below, you find an overview of the visas within the Employer Sponsored and their basic requirements.

Temporary Work visa – TSS Visa

The former ‘Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457)’ has recently been replaced for a new work visa: The Temporary Skill Shortage visa. The conditions of this visa among others depend on your occupation.

If you are working in a job listed on the ‘Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List’, you might be eligible for a visa that is valid for four years in first place. After you have worked at least three years for the employer, you could qualify for a permanent visa provided that you satisfy the criteria.

Do you have a job offer in Australia which is listed on the ‘Short-term Skilled Occupation List’? Then you might be eligible for a work visa valid for two years. After the period of two years, the visa could be extended with another two years. Upon expiry of these in total four years, you need to leave Australia or qualify yourself for a permanent visa. This could be a Skilled Worker visa for example.

In both situations, two years of work experience in the job you received a job offer for, is required. Furthermore, knowledge of the English language is necessary.

Permanent work visa

This visa is designed for people with a job offer in Australia, but whom can satisfy the criteria for a Skilled Worker visa as well:

  • Firstly, your job is listed in the occupations list
  • You satisfy the criteria for the skills and educational assessment
  • Your ability of the English language is good
  • You are at least 18 years but not older than 45 years of age
  • Lastly, you do not have a criminal record and you are in good health

At the time of grant of this visa, you acquire the permanent residence status of Australia.

Regional sponsored work visa

In summary, this visa corresponds to the visa mentioned above. The biggest difference is that your Australian employer is located in Regional Australia. Just as the visa described above, this visa gives you the permanent residence status as well.