Live and work in Australia

The skilled migrant visa
To live and work in Australia

Many people dream of a future in Australia. When you are willing to live and work in Australia, you will need a visa. The skilled migrant category does not only include permanent visas but visa for temporary stay in Australia as well.

Skilled Migrant visa

This category is designed to recruit the most talented individuals, who are able to contribute to the Australian economy. Not only those in employment but also (small) self-employed entrepreneurs belongs with an annual turnover lower than  AUD 500,000.- and a equity of AUD 800,000.- belong to this category.

To apply for a visa in the skilled migrant category you must meet several requirements. Firstly you need to prove you practice a job listed on Australia’s occupational list. You must prove that your experience and education correspond to the requirements set for this occupation. Furthermore, the requirements below apply:

  • You are older than 18 years but younger than 45 years of age
  • Your English language ability satisfy the requirements
  • You score enough points in the points testing system
  • Lastly, you are in good health and you don’t have a criminal record

The skilled migrant category is subdivided into various visa which all have their own requirements.

Visa categories Australia

Skilled Independent visa

Stated that your job is listed in the so-called ‘Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List’ and that you satisfy the requirements mentioned below, you might be eligible for a visa in this subclass. This occupation list includes jobs wherein a shortage is identified within the Australian labour market. This visa allows you to live and work in Australia permanently. Besides, you are not tied to a specified area (State/Territory) or to an employer.

Skilled Nominated visa

This visa firstly applies to people with a job listed in the ‘Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List’. If you score insufficiently in the Australian points test based on the basic elements (age, qualifications, skilled employment and knowledge of the English language), you must compensate the missing points. You could claim extra points by ‘State Nomination’. Additionally, you can be sponsored by a first-degree relative.

Secondly, this visa applies to people who have a job on the ‘Short-term Skilled Occupation List’. This includes occupations wherein a shortage is identified in specific regions. In this case, a state nomination is mandatory.

Each Australian state works with its own occupation list with jobs they are willing to sponsor for a visa and handles their own requirements for state nomination.

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