Internship or study in Australia

Apply for an Australian study visa,
or a visa to do an internship in Australia

Although there any many visa options for this purpose, a lot of people are not aware of this. It is a great pity because many people unnecessarily use the wrong visa.  Choosing the right visa is to ensure that you don’t waste visa options. In that way, you keep as many options as possible to return to Australia at another time.

Visa options

Study in Australia

Not only when you are willing to enrol a full-time study, but also when you would like to complete a course, the study visa applies. For children from of the age of six years, it is possible to apply for a visa to receive primary education in Australia.

You must be enrolled in a registered course or study before you could qualify for a visa. A student visa allows you to stay in Australia for the duration of your study, mostly up to five years. This period will depend on the length of your study or course. Besides the proof that you have been accepted at a registered educational institution, you must prove your financial capacity and show that you are insured correctly.

A student visa allows you to work a maximum of 40 hours per fortnight in Australia (different for students of a master or doctoral degree).

Family members can be included in the visa application, assumed that they satisfy the requirements.

Internship in Australia

Training visa

This visa is especially for people who are willing to take part in a workplace-based training to enhance their skills in their current occupation, study or field of expertise. But also for people who are willing to participate in a professional development training program.

You must have a sponsor in Australia. Both the candidate, the occupation and the Australian organisation will be assessed by immigration Australia.

For this visa, you must be at least 18 years of age.

Temporary Activity visa

You might be able to get this visa when you are planning to participate in, for example, research activities at the invitation of an Australian organisation. The visa is often granted for twelve months.

This category not only applies to researchers but for many other purposes as well. Among others, people who are invited to Australia for religious work might be eligible too.

Working Holiday visa

As stated a lot of people choose to apply for a Working Holiday visa. Many of them return to their home country when the internship ends, realising upon return that they wish to go back to Australia. For example to go backpacking. It happens often that the used Working Holiday visa is expired. Therewith the option to apply for the second year Working Holiday visa lapses.

This often leads to disappointment. That is unfortunate and unnecessary since there are other options.

We are more than happy to inform you about the visa options for Australia.