Visa for Australia

Applying for an Australian visa

When you are planning to move to Australia, you must apply for a visa. This applies not only to permanent residence but to temporary stay as well. Firstly, to determine which visa you need to apply for, your intentions should be clear. Subsequently, our visa specialists can assess your visa eligibility based on your personal details.

The Australian immigration system

Briefly, the Australian visa systems aim to attract people who can contribute to the development of the Australian economy. The visa system consists of 99 individual visa types, and therewith very

Department of Home Affairs  (Immigration Services), annually provides a quota for the total number of visas to be issued. This total is subdivided into the different visa categories.

The type of visa you may qualify for depends on several different factors. These factors vary per personal profile, but per visa categorie as well. More information about the visa categories and their own requirements can be found on the following pages.

Visa listing

Live and work in Australia – Skilled Worker

If you are willing to live and work in Australia, you first need to prove that your occupation is listed at one of the occupation lists of Australia. Thereby it is of great importance that you are in paid employment, or that you are self-employed. If you are self-employed, this category only applies to you if your annual turnover is less than AUD 500,000.- and your assets are less than AUD 800,000.-.
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Having a job offer in Australia – Employer Sponsored

This visa category applies to people who have a job offer from an Australian employer, or for employees who will be sent to Australia (temporary) by their current employer. Your occupation needs to be listed in the occupation lists for this visa as well.
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Partner, parent(s) or child(ren) residing in Australia – Family Class

These visa allows the partner of an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen to apply for an Australian visa. This category is also applicable for people whose children are residing in Australia, and for children of whom their parents are living in Australia.
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Starting a business in Australia – Business Class

The Business Class Australia is for entrepreneurs with minimum own funds of AUD 800.000,-. Furthermore, the minimum annual turnover should be at least AUD 500,000.-. Not only entrepreneurs can apply for a visa within this category, but investors and retired people could also qualify for a visa as well.
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Visiting Australia – Visitor visa

When you are willing to visit Australia you need to apply for a visa. There are visitor visas available, for short stay up to a year.
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Backpacking in Australia

Willing to go on adventure Down Under? The Working Holiday visa allows you to stay in Australia up to a year!
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Internship or study in Australia

Many people use their Working Holiday visa when they are needed to go to Australia for an internship, although there are other options as well. Read everything about visa for studying, following a course or completion of an internship in Australia.
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