Doing business in Canada

Business Class Canada
For Entrepreneurs and Investors

Are you interested in doing business in Canada? It might not be easy, but entrepreneurs and investors can apply for a visa within the Business Class. You can qualify based on results achieved and management experience. In addition, requirements are set for you capital available for investment.

Other requirements depend on the visa for which you could qualify. The criteria are explained below.


If you are self-employed in the agricultural or cultural sector, you can apply for a permanent visa in this category. But also top athletes could qualify within this self-employed visa type. To meet the requirements for this visa, you must prove management experience for at least two of the last five years as an independent entrepreneur or senior manager. Furthermore, you must formulate your plans for doing business in Canada. This business plan should show that you have sufficient equity to set up a business in Canada. Furthermore, it should be clear that there is enough potential to generate a good income in Canada.


The Canadian start-up program is aimed at attracting ambitious immigrant entrepreneurs. Canada targets people with the skills and opportunities to set up a business in Canada. This should be innovative businesses with the intention to create jobs for Canadians. Furthermore, these companies must be able to compete on a global level.

To qualify for this visa, your business plan has to be approved and supported by one of the designated agencies. These authorities assess and choose the business plan based on feasibility and potential for the Canadian economy.

Immigrant Investor Venture Capital – Pilot Program

In 2015, a specific program for investors was presented. However, at this moment the program is closed. It is not known if this category will open again and if the criteria will be the same.

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