Deploy personnel

Projects abroad, visa for you and your employees

If you are contracted for projects abroad, for example by an Australian or Canadian contractor, you can send your employees to go working abroad at these project(s). If you or your employees need an employment visa for your overseas project, our visa consultants are more than happy to help finding the most suitable visa for your Australia or Canada project.

You will also need a visa if you are planning to go to Australia or Canada as a representative of an overseas business. For example if you plan to attend conferences or negotiations.

Australia project

There are many different working visas for Australia. For both long-term (multiannual) and short-term stay in Australia, temporary work visas can be applied for.

If you or your employees will be working in Australia, we must apply for a working visa. For project based contracts with Australian companies we can apply for visas that allows you or your specialists to work in Australia up to 3 or 6 months. Will your project abroad last longer, we can apply for temporary work visas that are valid up to 2 or 4 years and in some cases can become permanent. A business visitor visa can be applied for if you plan to attend negotiations, conferences etc. in Australia.

Each visa has it’s own eligibility criteria and requirements. Which visa is most suitable to your personal situation or the projects abroad, depends on various factors. Our visa consultants can provide you with the specific visa information and an advice.

Would you like to discuss the visa options for your project abroad? Please contact our Immigration Consultants at our offices in Canada and Europe. Find an office.

Canada project

Unlike the wide range of visa for Australia, Canada offers limited options. In general, there are only options if your organisation has branches in Canada as well. Please contact our regulated immigration consultants Canada (CICC) for more information.