Partner, parents or children in Australia

Australia’s Family Visa Class
For people with family in Australia

Especially for people with Australian family members (living in Australia), the family class is designed. However, this only applies to first-grade family members: Partners, parents or children. Furthermore, it is of great essence that these family members are Australian citizens or permanent residents.

If you have family in Australia, other than the family member above, please refer to the ‘skilled worker category’.

Sub categories Family visa class

A partner who is an Australian citizen or permanent resident

For people who are in a relationship with an Australian citizen or permanent resident, there are options in the partner visa category. This category is divided into two subclasses:

Partner visa

If you are married to your partner or if you can prove to be in a de-facto relationship, this visa applies to you. It mostly happens that you receive a temporary visa for two years in the first place. When you and your partner are still together after these first two years, the permanent partner visa can be applied for.

For couples who are already together for three years (de-facto relationship or married), a permanent visa could be granted immediately. This also applies to people who have children together and can prove their relationship lasts for two years before applying.

Are you unable to satisfy the requirements mentioned above, but do you have the intention to marry your partner? Then there might be options in the visa subclass below.

Prospective Marriage visa

This visa applies to people who are unable to satisfy the requirements of the partner visa, but who wish to share their future together in Australia. Based on among others the intention to marry, a visa for nine months will be granted. Within this timeframe of nine months, you must legally marry your partner. After the marriage is registered, a visa for two years can be applied for. Followed by a permanent residence status after these two years.


Child(ren) residing in Australia

You might be eligible for a parent visa when your child or children are residing in Australia. That is to say that at least ‘the half’ of the number of children you have, are living in Australia. At least one of them must financially support you as their parent, with the aim that you don’t have to rely on Australia’s social facilities.

Since the processing times for the ‘regular’ parent visa could reach up to thirty years, an additional option has been added.

Contributory Parent visa

To circumvent the extreme waiting periods, you could make an additional payment. The visa procedure then includes two phases. You firstly apply for a temporary visa, followed by a permanent visa application. In the end, the total amount you pay will be higher, but the processing times will be significantly shorter.


Parent(s) residing in Australia

If you are younger than 24 years and if your parent(s) are Australian citizens or permanent residents, this visa might be an option. For people over 18 years of age, it must be proven that you are a student and financially dependent.