Visitor visa Australia

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Tourist and visitor visa

You will need a visa when you are planning a holiday to Australia, willing to visit family or friends or if you are needed to travel to Australia for business purposes. Which visa suits best to your situation, depends on your travel purposes.

Visitor visa types

eVisitor Australia

An eVisitor visa is a visa that allows you to stay in Australia for three months. Based on this visa you may travel through Australia or attend a course for three months. Working in Australia on this visa is forbidden. However, you might be able to work as a volunteer in some cases.

This visa also applies to people who are needed to travel to Australia for business purposes. With this condition, you are allowed to make general business or employment enquiries. But also you may investigate, negotiate, sign and review contracts, participate in conferences etc.

Do you wish to carry out operational tasks, you must have a work visa.

Applying for an eVistor visa does not take much time, but is recommended to start on time. Unforeseen circumstances can cause delays.

Visitor visa Australia

Would you like to stay in Australia, longer than three months? Then you could apply for a visa for six or twelve months. Here too, working is forbidden. You can study, but again for a maximum of three months.

We can apply for a visa with the multiple entry condition so you can enter and depart Australia multiple times.

Work and travel in Australia

Are you under 31 years of age and do you wish to work during your stay in Australia? The Working Holiday visa Australia might be interesting for you.

Do you wish for help with your visa applica tion? Please contact our visa specialists for more information.