eTA and tourist visa Canada

Travel to Canada with an eTA

For people wishing to travel to Canada, a visa is mandatory. Canada has selected several countries that have the visa-exempt status. Citizens from these countries require an ‘electronic travel authorization’ (eTA) to board a plane to Canada. If you are not from a visa-exempt country, you are required to apply for a tourist visa before you travel to Canada.

When you apply for an eTA, the approval with be automatically connected to your passport. The eTA is valid for 5 years, or until the expiry date of your passport if this is less than 5 years. If you receive a new passport, you must also apply for a new passport.

With a valid eTA, you are allowed to travel to Canada as often as you like. Generally, you may stay in Canada as a tourist for up to 6 months.

Are you planning to work or study in Canada? Then you will need a work permit or study permit. 

Former residents of Canada

Voluntary renounce your PR status or apply for a PR Travel Document

In many cases, a Canadian permanent resident status (PR) will not automatically expire. Even if you have not lived in Canada for several years, your PR status may still be in the system. If this is the case, but you are not in the possession of a valid permanent resident card, there are two options:

  • Apply for a ‘PR Travel Document’, or;
  • Voluntary renounce your permanent resident status to be able to apply for an eTA.

Which option applies will depend on your ability to request a new PR status, and your intentions to live and work in Canada.

Assistance with applying for a visa to travel to Canada

Visa4you can assist you with the application for a visa, but also if you need to renounce your Canadian status. Contact us to find out which options are available for you.