Expertise and membership

Visa4you – years of experience,
expertise and membership

Our English and Dutch-speaking visa specialists have many years of experience in both temporary and permanent visa applications for both Australia and Canada. They are in possession of the needed memberships and registrations to offer assistance with your visa application. Therefore we can guarantee our professional expertise and the quality of our services.

The Canadian government has determined that only member of the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) of qualified lawyers may assist clients with visa applications. Visa4you is a member of the CICC.

  • Gwenda van Veldhuizen – Canadian Permanent resident
    Registered under #R420775
  • Christiane Kühn – Canadian Permanent Resident
    Registered under #R532359

For visa agents outside Australia, no mandatory registration applies. Although Visa4you has received an Offshore Agent number (3010525) for good and direct communication with the Department of Home Affairs (Australian Immigration services).