Changes to Australia’s occupation list

Changes have been made to the occupation list on Monday 11 March 2019,  Especially the sports- and arts sector will be stimulated by these changes.

In total, 36 occupations have been added to the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL). Eight of these occupations belong to the sports- and arts sector.

The following occupations are added to the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List:

  1. Artistic Director
  2. Arts administrator or manager
  3. Enviromental manager
  4. Dancer or choreographer
  5. Music director
  6. Musician (instrumental)
  7. Artistic director
  8. Statistician
  9. Economist
  10. Mining engineer
  11. Petroleum engineer
  12. Engineering professionals (nec)
  13. Chemist
  14. Food technologist
  15. Environmental consultant
  16. Environmental research scientist
  17. Environmental scientist (nec)
  18. Geophysicist
  19. Hydrogeologist
  20. Life scientist (general)
  21. Biochemist
  22. Biotechnologist
  23. Botanist
  24. Marine biologist
  25. Microbiologist
  26. Zoologist
  27. Life scientist (nec)
  28. Conservator
  29. Metallurgist
  30. Meteorologist
  31. Natural and physical science professionals (nec)
  32. University lecturer
  33. Software and applications programmers (nec)
  34. Horse trainer
  35. Tennis coach
  36. Footballer

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