Three-step plan for easing the Australian COVID restrictions

On Monday May 8th, Australia’s national cabinet discussed options for easing the COVID-19 restrictions. This to help Australians to go back to work in a safe environment, but also to get the economy back to a more sustainable level. Till this date, there were 6.899 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Australia, and 97 people have died. A three-step plan has been announced:

  • The first step will focus on carefully reopening the Australian economy. Therein, Australians will be given the opportunity to return to work. Furthermore, social gatherings of up to 10 people will be allowed, including up to 5 visitors in family homes. And at last, some local and regional travel;
  • The second step will include allowing gatherings of up to 20 people. Besides that, this step will focus on more business reopenings, including gyms, beauty services and entertainment venues (e.g. cinemas and galleries);
  • The third step will seea transition to COVID-19 safe ways of living and working. In this phase, social gatherings of up to 100 people will be permitted. The arrangements under this third step will be ‘the new normal’ while the virus remains a threat. Both international travel and mass gatherings over 100 people will remain restricted.

Under the plan, Australian states and territories will continue making decisions to their local conditions and individual circumstances. By clicking on the links below, you can find the restrictions and easing per state: