Canada introduces mandatory vaccination for the transportation sector and travellers

Canada, like many other countries, has stated that vaccination is the best defence against covid-19. Therefore, on August 13, the government announced its intention to introduce mandatory vaccination for employees of federally organised air, rail and sea transportation sectors and their travellers.

As of October 30th, the Canadian government will require employers in the previously mentioned sectors to set up a vaccination policy for employees. As of the same date, passengers departing from Canadian airports for domestic and international travel as well as passengers using VIA Rail and the Rocky Mountaineer trains must also be fully vaccinated in order to travel.

Arrangements for those not yet fully vaccinated

There will be a short transition period for people who are not yet fully vaccinated. During the transition period, people can still travel if they can show a valid molecular covid-19 test, taken within 72 hours before travel. However, this transitional period ends on November 30th. In order use the aforementioned transport services after November 30th, travellers must be fully vaccinated.

Vaccination requirement for employees of these organisations

The new rules also affect employees of federally organised air, rail and sea transport organisations. Employers are required to set up and implement a vaccination policy as of October 30th. Among other things this policy must set out the consequences for non-vaccinated employees. After a short introduction period, every organisation must be able to guarantee that their employees have been fully vaccinated. If this is not the case, they cannot operate.