International Student’s Day: studying in Australia or Canada

The origin and history of this day are dark. Nevertheless, international students day has a beautiful purpose these days: strive for good education for everyone. Are you in for an adventure and do you consider studying in Australia or Canada? We are more than happy to tell you all about it.

Studying in Australia

Foreign studies become more and more popular. If you would like to attend studies in Australia, you first require a visa. To be eligible to apply for a visa, you must enrol at a registered education provider. You could choose to register for full studies, or just for a course or English language training. All approved studies can be found in the ‘Cricos register’.

The Australian student visa

A student visa for Australia will be granted for the duration of your studies, plus some extra time. You can use the extra time to prepare yourself for starting classes upon arrival in Australia. But also to prepare for your return to your home country after finishing your studies or your course, or if you wish to extend your stay in Australia by applying for another visa.

Depending on the studies or the course you will attend, you are allowed to work 40 hours per fortnight. In a few situations, you are allowed to work more than these 40 hours. For example when you perform activities (work) that are registered as part of your course, or if you start a research master or doctoral program.

Costs for studying in Australia

A lot of people are insufficiently aware of the costs that will come with studying in Australia. It is expensive. Very expensive. Because, with a student visa you are a temporary resident and international student. Therefore, you pay the fees that apply to international students which are many times higher than school fees for Australians and Permanent Residents. You can check the school fees per study, semester etc. with the Australian education providers.

Furthermore, additional costs apply for the visa but also for mandatory insurance: the ‘Overseas Student Health Cover’.

Studying in Canada

Would you like to study in Canada for more than 6 months, then you will need a study permit. If you attend a program shorter than 6 months, a study permit isn’t mandatory in general. Depending on your travel document, you require a visitor visa or an eTA.

A Canadian study permit

Are you planning on studying in Canada for a period longer than 6 months, then you do need a study permit. A study permit isn’t a visa, for that reason, you will also need a visitor visa or an eTA to enter Canada. The study permit will be granted for the duration of your studies, plus an extra 90 days. These 90 days could be used to prepare your return to your home country, or to extend your stay in Canada. To study in Canada you must be admitted to a school or university first.

Costs for studying in Canada

It is very important that you can prove sufficient funds to maintain yourself and to pay for your studies in Canada. Furthermore, to study in Canada is much more expensive for international students than for Canadian students or Permanent Residents.

The impact of covid-19

Due to the current border restrictions of Australia, only limited travel to Australia is allowed. We can apply for individual exemption for students if:

  • You are completing year 11 and 12 with support from the relevant Australian State or Territory government health authority and education department;
  • You are a student in the final years of your studies, for a medical, dental, nursing or allied health profession university degree, and you have evidence of a confirmed placement in an Australian hospital or medical practice which commences within the next two months

In Canada Designated learning institutions (DLi) with an approved ‘covid-19 readiness plan’ can reopen to international student who are currently outside of Canada. If you intend to travel to Canada after October 20, your education provider must be on the list of DLi’s with an approved ‘covid-19 readiness plan’. Furthermore, you must have an approved and valid study permit and you must complete the mandatory 14-day quarantine period.

Contact our visa specialists for any advice in regards to your personal situation.

How can we help?

Are you considering studying abroad? Be very well prepared! We would be more than happy to help. If you have any questions, please contact our visa consultants for advice.