Frits Bennink

Managing director Visa4you

Frits Bennink

Under the banner of Interfarms, I am over twenty years active in assisting farmers in their emigration procedure. Over the years, we built a worldwide and strong network of purchasing assistants in twelve countries.

For farmers who made the transition to Canada or Australia, we offered not only assistance in purchasing an agricultural object but the visa application as well. Within our office, knowledge and experience about the visa procedures for these countries have been built up ever since.

Together with my colleagues Gwenda van Veldhuizen en Hester Freriksen, we initiated the establishment of an independent visa agency in 2006. That is when Visa4you was founded.

Through the years, Visa4you has grown into a professional visa agency with a team of professional, experienced and motivated visa consultants. Nowadays we do not only offer visa services to the agricultural sector but individuals and the B2B market as well.

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