Frits Bennink

Director Visa4you and agricultural specialist

Under the flag of Interfarms, I have focused on assisting farmers with their migration since 1997. For farmers who wanted to move to Australia or Canada, we did not only take care of the purchase and sale of their farm, we also took care of the visa application. We also took care of the visa application. So from then on, our office has already built up knowledge and experience with the immigration laws and regulations of these countries.

Offering visa services is a speciality, and only a limited number of offices operate within the Netherlands. Together with my colleagues Gwenda and Hester, this led us in 2006 to conceive the plan to set up an independent visa agency: Visa4you. Over the years, Visa4you has grown into a professional visa agency with a very knowledgeable, experienced and enthusiastic team. Our visa consultants not only unburden farmers, but also individuals and organisations. That is what I am proud of.